RIP Sriram

For someone who never felt at loss for words, words never came. What do I say? Where do I begin? Darkness descended, engulfed the surroundings and never left. Trying to focus on work for solace but thoughts wander, eyes well up, feelings choked with emotions and it becomes impossible to think of anything else.

This is what loss feels like. An emptiness, a void that will never fill. A deep cut to the heart that will never mend.

Sriram, you were a great friend and colleague. Full of infectious energy, curiosity and resolve. You made the world come alive with your presence. At work, you were this strong force, a towering presence and the voice of reason. Every conversation with you was enlightening, many times leaving us exasperated as we tried to catch up with your thinking and energy. As a friend, you were always there to hear and help. Your childlike curiosity about everything, making fun of each other, jibes and jokes..

There are not enough words to express how it felt to know that you are no more. It brought such a numbness, sense of disbelief, hurt and helplessness. Thinking of your family and loved ones aggravated that feeling, cannot fathom how they will come to terms with it.

I, for one, want to believe what I always told my son — those who leave us become stars in the sky. And star you have been and will be, the guiding light to all who had the privilege of knowing you.

Thank you for all the time you had for us, our world will never be same without you. You will stay alive in our thoughts and prayers.

I leave with this small prayer for those of us grieving…

May your heart heal.

May the past no longer block your view of the present.

May you breathe again, rest again, laugh again, live again.

May it be so.